How to apply foil gel

foil gel

How to use

1.Trim, file, buff nails

2.Apply base coat and curt it

3.Apply a thin layer of foil gel and cure it (60-90s under LED nail lamp)

4.Press the foil sticker evenly and repeatedly with the silicone pen

5.Remove the sticker and stick it back to the parts missed

6.Seal off the design with a layer of top coat and cure it

Warm Tip:

1.Curing time varies by a lighting system. If the nail foil gel does not transfer the foil sticker pattern well after curing for 60 seconds, please cure for 90 seconds or longer time until the foil sticker can be transferred easily and completely

2.Make sure you press the right side of the nail foil sticker. You can foil a little part first to distinguish the front and back of the foil sticker

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